Do you feel miserable and would you like some help?  Is life a struggle?  Do you suffer from depression or anxiety?  Are you having trouble relating to people?  Is your relationship working?  Does your partner understand you?  Do you understand your partner?

We assist individuals, couples and families deal with and fix their personal, relationship, and family issues. We help people become happy.

Caring, Qualified Professionals

The Counsellors, Therapists and Mental Health Professionals who work out of our rooms are university trained and qualified. We operate out of two Brisbane clinics (Stones Corner, Wislton) and can help you work through all the above issues; or help you work through any other personal, emotional, or psychological problem that you have.

We have been helping individuals, couples and families work through their personal and relationship issues for many years and we would be happy to help you with your personal or relationship issues also.  We are open during the day, in the evening and on the weekend.

Confidential Personal, Family and Relationship Counselling

We all have extensive qualifications, knowledge, skills, and experience in understanding people and their behaviour.  We are fully aware of, and understand, all the personal and emotional issues that people are confronted with and we can help you ease the pain and discomfort that these issues can cause. Our areas of expertise are in:

We Can Help You

The  Therapists, Counsellors and Mental Health Professionals who operate out of our rooms can help you make your life happier and more fulfilled. For further details contact your nearest location


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